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Seminole Group - Titanium

Titanium is the 9th Most Abundant Mineral in the Earth Crust

The titanium mineral is defined as a strong, low density, highly corrosive resistant metal that when pure is lustrous white. Discovered in 1791 in England, this metallic element is obtained from the minerals ilmenite and rutile, and is commonly present in indigenous rocks. Due to the wide occurrence of titanium, the 9th most abundant mineral in the earths crust, it is readily available from commercial sources.

Titanium is one of the strongest available metals, comparable to steel, while being 45% lighter. Titanium is used to alloy aircraft metals, missiles and submarines for low weight, strength and high temperature stability. It is also used in some paints, rubbers and plastics. It is used in jewelry fabrication because it is physiologically inert, therefore hypoallergenic, and can be colored easily. It is becoming one of the most popular metals in jewelry production. Titanium metal will burn in the air, which makes it useful in fireworks, and it is also the only element that will burn in nitrogen.