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Seminole Group - Iron

Iron is the Most Widely Used of all Metals

Iron is a metal extracted from the iron ore hematite. In order to obtain elemental iron, it must be chemically reduced to remove oxygen and other impurities. It is rarely found as a free element.

Iron is the most widely used of all metals. 95% of worldwide metal production is iron. It can be alloyed with many other metals and some non-metals, most notably silicon and carbon in order to form steels.

Iron is used in most engineering applications such as construction of machinery, hulls of large ships, automobiles and structural elements for building, because of its strength. Different forms of iron include; pig iron, which is a step between iron ore and cast iron and steel, cast iron, grey iron, where carbon exists free as fine flakes of graphite, wrought iron, which is tough, malleable and more corrosion resistant than steel, and carbon steel, which is used for structural purposes.