seminole group Mission


Our mission is to produce natural resources and keep and develop a better and cleaner environment through the wise uses of nature. Keeping in mind we have a warming planet, our business methods are green and clean!

The company, Seminole Enterprises Group, Inc is a US based "Florida" corporation. Our company started in the United States even though our main business activities are in Colombia, South America. Our plans are to grow into a worldwide mining organization with vast projects into coal mining and refining, bio-fuel production, heavy equipment, and ore mining.

The world is changing from an old and "crude" way of thinking, into an eco-friendly methodology. Capitalism and philanthropy have now joined hands across the world to reduce greenhouse emissions. Cleaner burning energy is now becoming a household brand both public and private. Coal is the new “power” wave of energy. Bio-fuels of the future and all other types of alternative energy shall enable our world to rid its need of crude oil.

We believe we can help ourselves while we help to make a better and cleaner environment.